Trade Mark:Al-Walied

General Manager:Amer Al Zatari

Contact Person:Amer Al Zatari

Short Description:

Al Walied Company is considered one of the best Palestinian companies for tanning and producing natural leather, as they supply the footwear industry in Hebron with all types of natural leathers with high quality ready for production.

Al Walied Tanners follow many quality control procedures in the process of tanning and producing leathers made at top quality especially for shoes and other leather goods.


Al Walied history roots back to the 80s when Waleed Al Zatari the grandfather was working in the footwear industry and then decided to split from his brothers after working with his father Hajj Sa’eed from the 80s and started working alone by the name of Al-Walid Tanneries in 1992, Al Walied continued up until 2003 when Waleed’s sons took over the work, and up until today Al Walied has improved and developed with new procedures and ways of production.

Vision & Mission:

To improve and develop production, open shoe production line.


Specialize in Chrome Tanning.

Contact Us
Address Hebron, Palestine
Tel No 022223397
Mobile 0599657055
Email WZtamer@yahoo.com
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